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The living body

The living body

The body at the Center

An experiential path to

experience the deep listening Body Experience

Even when we used to train and then to always give new form to the body, It remains a question: because we can hear body, or listen to? What does this mean and what does being fit? It's only a matter of "Physics"?

Motor activity is influenced by psychic processes and reflects individual personality type; Vice versa you can study and educate mental activity through body movement. Muscle tension, the way you move and act, represent the organism's body expression, the somatic character equivalent.

The body, speaks a language that anticipates and transcends the verbal expression; summarizes the history of the individual and may, reactivating conflicts and anxieties, become the manifestation of sickness.

Our culture, has deprived the body of meaning that competes, turning it into a "the body" resulting in enormous difficulties to define their own boundaries, to re-define himself and the other. The risk is that the body becomes incomprehensible, they lose that presence which coincides with the feel good, where "the ego joins his body leaving State invade from calm, by silent listening and listening to live " (U. Galimberti). Without these conditions, every effort to be fit is frustrated, even with great effort. Here's then a trivial sentence such as "I don't feel fit", can take on a meaning with. In fact, the persistent deep cleavage between the living body and the anatomical body promote the establishment of a deep malaise. The so-called body is an anatomical body-object, a body moving in space and you identify with the boundaries of the skin; the living body, disclosing party a space and transcends the boundaries of the skin.

Today more than ever We must try to overcome all the dualisms that still persist when it comes to body and psyche, of body and soul, living body and anatomical body. In the era of the body as an image, What image we have of our body? When we train, What role plays the living body?

In order to avoid to find fewer and fewer players and more appearances of our own existence, you need to re-find its centrality; You must replace the body at the Center, because as Nietszche:

“…There is more wisdom in your body and in your best reason ".

The meetings

Through listen for their motion and mode of deep perceptions and using its capacity to imagine, We'll a search path of our authentic and creative movement. The gesture and the movement, are our chance to bring into play our emotions and our creativity. The techniques used originate from multiple experiences in clinical groups to bodily mediation.

After an initial phase of guided relaxation, you will go to a variety of activities aimed at realization of your mood. In addition to the feeling of greater well-being, will increase the perception of one's own body, for the benefit of balance and posture.

Today, even within the fitness, the trend is toward the slow-fitness: move Yes, but slow, perceived, that put the body and go towards a reconciliation between body and soul.

Beginning next group: April 2014

Timetable of meetings:

Wednesday’ hours 18,30 – 20

The realization of a group work, requires a large participation, However the available seats are limited.

We invite you therefore to confirm your membership as soon as possible. The total cost for the 3 meetings is EUR 65.

The cost for a single meeting is EUR 25. Although it can participate in a single meeting, It is suggested that participation in all meetings, being thought of as path.

It is recommended to use a comfortable clothing and wear a light blanket for relaxation.

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