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Using the fairy tale in psychotherapy

Utilizzo della fiaba in psicoterapia

Sergio Romano The fairy tale You choose to use the fairy tale about the possibility of bringing the inner world of children that it offers. It can be considered as the representation of the inner dynamics of the subject that produces The origin of fairy tales is as old as the world; just think that before the invention of writing the transmission ...

A group fairy tale with children: description of work phases

Un gruppo fiaba con bambini: descrizione delle fasi di lavoro

Sergio Romano Phases of the activity of the group in question is marked temporally in the following way: After the entrance of the participants: 1. Rite input 2. Tale of a Fairy Tale 3. Dramatization of the story 4. Picture 5. Rite output Let's see in detail the individual steps. Rite input E 'was chosen as a rite of ...



THE group process by Sergio Romano. One of the basic factors to consider in groups composed of the children is the asymmetry that characterizes the relation of adults and children, that is experienced differently according to age. It seems clear, however, that all phenomena that arise in the life of a group of children does not necessarily correspond to the ...

Il bambino nella prospettiva psicoanalitica: the different points of view.

Il bambino nella prospettiva psicoanalitica: i diversi punti di vista.

Sergio Romano The beginning of the adaptation of the family to the child coincides with the beginning of a better understanding of themselves by parents, in that way ta start to get some idea of ​​the psychic life of adults. Until now seemed satisfied that the parents knew by instinct how to educate their children, although a ...

Adoptive parents with teenage children: experimental model of training through the fairy tale

Genitori adottivi con figli adolescenti: modello sperimentale di formazione attraverso la fiaba

Adoptive parents with teenage children: an experimental model of training through the fairytale Title Journal: MINORIGIUSTIZIA Authors / Editors: Marina Farri, Angela Sordano, Aida Pironti, Laura Consolini, Elena Gravel, Sergio Romano, Jack Roberta Nail Year of publication: 2010 Issue: 2 To find this article CLICK ...