Dr. Sergio Romano, Psychology Psychotherapy, Psychodrama

Employees of the study

The study relies on the collaboration of some professional experts in various fields, where the needs dictated by the situation so require.

Regarding the legal aspects, mainly related to the separation of the spouses, to divorce, custody of children, the study uses a long time on the valuable collaboration of the lawyer Monica Maria Friolo, I've known for many years, and of which I can attest to the long and proven track record. The lawyer Friolo, experience supported by a strong predisposition to the care and management of the human aspects that characterize delicate situations, such as those to which we refer.

It often happens that, in certain situations of conflict, purely psychological aspects intertwine to legal, I therefore necessary to be able to confront and integrate the two aspects, if the situation so requires and permits.

Dr. Sergio Romano.