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For some people express their emotions can be very difficult and in some cases also distinguish a problem. The so-called psychosomatic patients are generally characterized by these methods for managing emotions.
Here is that in these cases the body becomes the means through which to communicate their discomfort: it is here that relaxation techniques can be very useful, favoring the possibility of letting go. In situations like these it seems plausible that therapies at only verbal encounter considerable difficulties and as a result found to be very suitable. It is therefore necessary to use mediation techniques in body, where verbal language is no longer the only means to communicate.

With Imaginative Détente, you can cause and enhance the relaxation and the consequent production of Imaginative patient, starting from experiences related to the perception of the body. The imaginative production, is material with which to work during therapy.
Détente Imaginative is particularly suitable in somatic diseases such as: allergy, asthma, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, sexual dysfunction and gynecological ,muscle aches, arterial hypertension, pathology of skin acne come, dermatitis and psoriasis, and more generally in stress disorders.
Relaxation effect physiological level that psycho-emotional.

How does?

The relaxation involves both body and mind; when is induced produces an increase in the activity of the parasympathetic with a consequent reduction in the activity of the sympathetic; with the attainment of a state of calm and stillness , decreases the oxygen needs of the body and therefore a reduction of respiratory rhythm. Consequently there is a reduction of the heartbeat, blood pressure, Metabolism, production of cortisol and catecholamines; an increase of alpha waves at the right hemisphere, increase of lymphocytes and platelets, insulin, estrogen and androgen.
The muscle and joint pain, often due to involuntary contraction also, tend to decrease as the amount of lactic acid in the circulation.

The episodes of panic and anxiety tend to decrease(Lactic acid is a causal factor in panic attacks).
This body's response that involves multiple functions at different levels (behavioral, autonomic, musculoskeletal) Function is defined trophotropic.

How is the technique?

Phase of contraction / relaxation shake:

this phase is characterized by a series of contractions / distensions guided.

Phase of contraction / relaxation imagined:

at this stage the contractions/stretching that characterize the earlier stage, I'm not really act but just imagine, thus accentuating the imaginative capacity.

Step inventory body:

in this phase the mind is oriented on the various segments of the body, with the subsequent emergence of sensations, perceptions and images.

Closes a session every stage of verbalization of experiences.

And’ You can find details on the path Imaginative distension in section PROPOSALS, under the heading Wellness.

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