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Jul 26, 2011


Group Psychodrama for

Pregnant women

Experience the transformation

A path of guidance and psychological support during pregnancy

The path in question intends to address the problems related to pregnancy from the psychological point of view. In group, through the use of Psychodrama, we will consider various issues, which if not properly addressed can become an obstacle to the peaceful progress of the maternity. Led by therapists, will be possible to gradually emerge fears, anxieties, uncertainties, doubts that will be subsequently addressed and processed in order to increase or restore the psychological well-being. Together we will face the difficulties that, although common to all pregnant women, are often experienced with unique character: from the physical changes to the fear of pain, la paura delivery, the apprehension to Welfare of the Child, doubts about their ability to being a mother, and more.

Ample space will be given to the preparation for this separation and moods that it subsequently generates. It will be also taken into account the relationship between mother and child and the relationships between the members of the new family(mamma-papà-bambino-fratelli etc.).

The path elaborativo proposed is of type experiential and uses techniques Sociodrammatiche and psychodramatic in group. The intent is to overcome the limitations of a pure information to enter an experiential dimension, free from pedagogical intent. This path is not an alternative to pre-natal courses, but is a processing path and psychological support for all stages of pregnancy.

Hoursthe ofmeetings

8 weekly meetings.

Departure of meetings:

first and third Monday of each month,

pm 18 All 19.

The cost of each meeting is 20 €.

And 'request participation as continuous as possible.

E 'due to start groups in homes of

Moncalieri and Turin

Moncalieri: Viale del Castello 7

Turin: Via Cantalupo 6