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From watching a movie by Rene Spitz, the experience of its

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(Click here to see a part of the video): Emotional Deprivation in Infancy :: Study by Rene A. Spitz 1952 ))

When the environment in which the child develops is good enough, personnel and human, the development proceeds so llinear and harmonic. Ithe contribution of the environment turns out to be instrumental in facilitating the processes in terms of the child.


From our care, environmental factors,hereditary and personalitychild, will depend on the his model of attachment and with it his How to relate to the world. The research style of handling and the re-discovery of the your model of attachment we offer the opportunity to enter in relation with each other, whether adult child, so more knowledgeable and effective. The beginning the adaptation of the child family coincides with the beginning of a better understanding of themselves by parents who in this way begin to get some idea of consciousness in adults. Until now seemed satisfied that the parents knew by instinct how to educate their children, although a German saying says the opposite:

"becoming fathers are more likely to be".

Starting from stimuli that the vision of the video Grief: a peril in infancy, that René Spitz has developed over the years ' 40, using psychodrama we experience our relational style.


The path elaborative / proposed training, is of type experiential and uses techniques and Sociodrammatiche Psychodramatic in trim groupal. The intent is to overcome the limitations of a pure information to enter an experiential dimension, free from pedagogical intent.


Rene Spitz

Original viennese psychoanalyst, He studied and worked in many parts of the world, giving a major contribution to the understanding of the importance of object relationships in the development of the child.

Scientific thought of Spitz, How's that for Freud assumes an evolutionary perspective.

His research was focused mainly on the development. At the same time he contributed largely to the clinical aspects of psychoanalysis: here his theoretical knowledge was very obvious and led his thoughts on technique.

He pioneered the use of the technique of filming the combined direct observation of children, especially the mother/child relational situations. This was his greatest contribution is looking both to teaching.

As field effect, many other works were translated and published anywhere in the world.

Psychodrama is an extraordinary and effective psychotherapy technique. By nature very flexible, it lends itself to be lowered even in non-therapeutic contexts, as the work in question. Designed by Jakob Moreno negli anni ' 20, as a therapeutic method consisting in the exploration of personal events and conflicts through an alternation between verbal speech and dramatization. For drama( drama = action) you mean the "staging" of events, situations, lived as if they were a play.


This makes it possible to live in the here and now of the scene, the situation there and then actually lived, giving you a chance to re-development.

Throughtaking roles and the allocation thereof to other, can emerge the dynamics of internal roles of each and the consciousness of p. roprie behavioural and relational mode.

The final phase of sharing closes the session with reference of experiences of these with regard to the experience gained and connect their experiences with those of other participants.

Hoursthe ofmeetings:

The meetings provided will be 5, lasting two hours each and will be held at the school.

The creation of a working group requires a large participation, organizational issues, however the seats are limited.

The meetings are meant as a path and therefore it is recommended that a constant participation.

Any absences may be previously agreed with wires.

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