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Psychodrama Experience with the fairy tale

The project work aims to develop a competence on the side of emotional containment and Accompaniment

the child so that it becomes the protagonist of an explorative, exceeding its fears and avoidance responses

that the new situation generates. To do this, is necessary both to support the educators in construction of a

relazioneeducativa that supports exploration and cognitive processes of the child and on the other are needed a space and a

time to process the inevitable and complex plots that arise between the educational relationship and their life experiences

personal. We have chosen to use the tale as it is a great way to approach the inner world of those who

listens to. Can be regarded as the representation of the inner dynamics of the person who produces it.

As stated by Marie-Luise von Franz:

Fairy tales are the simplest and purest expression of the mental processes of the collective unconscious ".

The stories reveal something of human emotions and their place in the mind. In fairy tales the existential problems are placed

clearly and simply allowing the child to catch them. The villain does not stop doing the bad because someone

punishes, But he always loses, suggesting that the child should not be bad not because you are punished, but

because the protagonist (l'Forever) has a much better chance.

Every fairy tale however is somehow characterized by aspects most evident and precisely for this reason

which, of the là preference of the concrete for a certain story rather than for another, children choose or reject certain

stories. This is also proof that the fairy tale is able to take theà, those in depthà where often is tough

get in other ways. The fiaba, So the myth, as suggested Franco Ferrara Pajno never represents something

just taken place here, but is always be able to explain the realityà of this moment in this place. It helps us to

establish the realityà in which we live and making sure at the end of the story c'Is something within us that before there'was.

Psychodrama,the instrument through which the fairy tale will be put into action, is an extraordinary and effective technique

psychotherapeutic. By nature very flexible, it lends itself to be lowered even in non-therapeutic contexts, as that of the

work in question, where the goal is, lowering in different fairy tale characters proposed by, experiment with roles, lived, fears,

to enable us to more consciously accompany our children in their growth path.

Hoursthe ofmeetings:

The meetings, of two hours each, will be held at the school, in time to be determined according to the needs,

Frequency: Weekly.

The realization of a group work, participation is required continuous.

E 'planned an informational meeting for the presentation and description of the project.

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