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Parents with teenage children


Let it go

Three meetings for experiential parents of teenage children

Dating psychodrama with the help of the fairy tale


An original and effective way to orientate the intricate path of

communication and understanding of adolescent children.

The time 've been waiting for and you feared has come. Your daughter or your son does not

longer speak the same language.

Sometimes it's like to be speaking with a foreign, without knowing that

country is. The feeling of failure is often, mixed anger and sense

of guilt. But this, except in special situations, is exactly what

Your children will feel.

And then? How to understand ?

By conducting a similar group at the’ ASL 5, Piazza seat

Brenner, Moncalieri, group of adoptive parents with teenage children, I

are realized as all parents bring a similar experience to

helplessness and abandonment, in that case by the institutions.

Though the context was different( the adoption we can say that in some

If amplifies the sense of helplessness), the feelings that parents have

led are the same as other parents, so-called natural, carry during

meetings. On the basis of that experience is designed for a job

similar proposed here privately and reduced as the number of

participants. The group will be preferably formed from a minimum of 8 to a

maximum 15/16 people.

The heart of the work in question is Psychodrama. Here is proposed in

conjunction with the use of the tale: this effective and

happy combination allows you to move more quickly and with fewer

resistance in a relational dimension authentic, allowing us to

see, feel, find meanings and sometimes unusual alternative to our

usual way of relating.


September 2020

Hoursthe ofmeetings:

Saturday, pm 9,30 at 11,30

The realization of a group work, participation is required

large, however for organizational issues places are limited

and will be notified in advance.

We therefore ask you to confirm your membership by 30-06-2020

The total cost for the 3 meetings is 90€ for each participant(110€ for the couple of parents).

The cost for a single meeting of euro 40 for each participant (60€ for the pair of parents).

Although it is possible to participate in angolo meeting, ssuggests the the

participation in all meetings, being designed as a path.

For information and reservations: psicologiamoncalieri@gmail.com