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Psychodrama with fairytale

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In a society multiethnic and where the borders are increasingly undefined, it is clear that the identity and relational models

are manifold and require training figures a flexibility and adaptability high.

The task of "shape" the individual is more assigned to the school since the establishment of family seems to prove

increasingly applicant and simultaneously delegator; what puts teachers in the difficult position of those who should have, but

it is not always put in the position of can do.

The scarce economic resources, job insecurity, the difficulty of communicating between colleagues and with families, make the

educational process fraught with obstacles. Also, nel our model of society, the absence of rites of passage, makes it increasingly

difficult for children and adolescents to become part of the world of "adult".

Responsibility very large falls on them without that they know how to move to individuals become. In a

context like this, our ways of relating and with it the ability to communicate, takes on even

greater relevance, to try to limit misunderstandings and misconceptions. All this creates a deep sense of frustration and loneliness; feelings needing spaces and places to be explored and elaborated.

“Omundu niki?”

A man is what?

The training course as Antropopoiesi

What does it mean be a "man"?

Any type of culture, addresses this question. The forms through which tries to give answers are obviously

multiple and reflect the complexity of society itself. The culture in which we are immersed and of which we are

part, offers a number of models for which to strive very often confused and superficial, often the result of unscrupulous cunning as

policies, that make the individuation process, in itself a long and tiring, extremely complicated.

Individuals are continuously subjected to a real media bombardment where even those who

they are highly critical skills, are in difficulty. We promote un'antropopoiesi anonymous and

continuous, while in company's so-called "primitive" is un'antropopoiesi explicit and planned type. At the base of

both considerations antropopoietiche, There is the assumption that human beings are "facts, redone and built"from

culture in which they are immersed.

The project It aims to give teachers, aor space and a place for the processing of their experiences and the re-discovery

their ways of relating. Only clearing the relational field by many prejudices, defenses and fears can

witness the birth of an authentic relationship with the'Another, whereby the dialogue becomes possible and gives rise to solutions

creative and unexpected.

The path elaborative / proposed training, is of type experiential and uses techniques and Sociodrammatiche

Psychodramatic in trim groupal. The intent is to overcome the limitations of a pure information to enter into a

experiential dimension, free from pedagogical intent.

Psychodrama, is a unique and effective psychotherapeutic technique to mediation body.

By nature very flexible, it lends itself to being dropped even in contexts which are not strictly therapeutic, such as that

working. The goal is lowering the different characters that come into play, being able to live in the here and now emotions as

fear, anger, joy that have characterized events significant in its history.

Hoursthe ofmeetings:

The meetings, of two hours each, will be held at the school, in time to be determined according to the needs,

Frequency: Weekly.

The realization of a group work, participation is required continuous.

E 'planned an informational meeting for the presentation and description of the project.

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