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Jun 8, 2011

In addition to the sessions Individual psychological support or psychotherapy, defined depending on the circumstances and the application, I also work with psychodrama, group therapy very effective body mediation.

Define Psychodrama, trying to go beyond a mere definition but without going overly specialized definitions is not easy.

Let's try from the meaning of the word Psychodrama: derives from the greek psyche(soul) e drama(action, fulfillment).

According to Jacob Levi Moreno(1889-1974) psychiatrist and sociologist, the inventor of this technique, each individual carries a creative power that can be brought to light and the psychodramatist is a kind of midwife. In 1922 and up to 1925, Moreno started a small experimental theater in Vienna, theater which he called spontaneous expression. It was an experimental theater, based on spontaneous play.

In 1923, during one of the representations, Moreno discovered by chance that barbara, one of the actresses, caused repercussions as a result of what he had interpreted. In practice, in this way he discovered the therapeutic action of the game.

It is well known that in Greek tragedy generated a therapeutic effect, cathartic on the public; here this effect was passed by the public actor. Barbara healed by a character neurosis without even knowing why.

The concept of psychodrama defines man through 4 dimensions:

• the different roles we play in life
• a network of relationships
• The personal affective world
• The share of love rescue in various groups to which it belongs.

All these elements in practice psychodrama are taken into account.

Per Moreno, Psychodrama is a privileged meeting, restricted to participants who are actively involved in its creation. That's why it is difficult to understand what the psychodrama without being part.

In Psychodrama, we can take note of the role that we play in life and learn to cope with that of other.

In Psychodrama is possible to stage in the here and now, the there and then. In other words, you can relive situations, moments (real or imagined) of our lives especially meaningful for us, which will be relived( or lived for the first time) not actually, but affectively. This allows you to retrace and re-signify the past, the present or the future. In psychodrama is not in play only the verbal, but also the non-verbal. Through gesture, movement is possible to convey deep emotions, otherwise hardly expressible. Our bodies don't mind: I am convinced that it has a kind of "cellular memory" of our emotionally charged experiences, who through the psychodrama can emerge and be brought to consciousness.

A group, is more than the sum of its component members. The group has its own strength, difficult to govern but offers far greater resources than those on which the individual could never access. The group has its own personality , changing but typical, almost an oxymoron.

Regarding my experience, I can say that teamwork and group psychodrama offers, has a therapeutic value that is difficult to reproduce with other techniques.

Obviously, while being very wide range of situations in which it is indicated Psychodrama, However, there are cases where it can be a little beneficial or contraindicated. In fact, it is quite usual to get to it after an individual path.

To conclude, At this point we can take the definition that gives Anne Ancelin Schutzemberger of Psychodrama:
"In psychodrama it comes to living in a group situation in the past, present or future, not telling it, but in an improvised action, in a sort of commedia dell'arte applied to situations experienced: the hero or protagonist, expresses his true feelings and depicts the situation, with the help of all the characters necessary for action, that will give you the joke. These "auxiliary I", react spontaneously, based not only on what the protagonist said the situation, but on the reactions and feelings that arouses in them the main actor or by following the directions given by the tenant during the session ".


And’ expected to start a Psychodrama workshop open to all.

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